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Emirates Velodrome 360º

Client: CGI

CGI asked us to create a 360º movie and accompanying android player app to work in conjunction with the film, as part of a piece of promotional work.

The idea was to show the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, firstly from a central point in the middle of the velodrome and then from the point of view of a rider actually on the circuit.


The first part of the brief was fairly straight forward but the riders eye view was more of a challenge. After discussion with the excellent staff at the arena we decided that the best approach would be to mount a Freedom 360 rig on a boom attached to the velodromes Derny bike using handfuls of cable ties, metres of gaffer tape and several camera clamps


The resultant footage was stabilized and stitched in Nuke using their Cara VR plugin before being compressed and added to the Android app. You can view the film from the link here.


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