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RBS VR Customer Journeys

Client: Royal Bank of Scotland

We were contacted by the Royal Bank of Scotland to develop a VR based presentation as part of a gathering of their top 700 execs at the Excel Arena in London.


RBS’s Communications Team wanted to present their vision for future customer interaction with the bank in a variety of scenarios. The brief was for the approach to be lighthearted but impactful so we developed a number of scenarios that dealt with the everyday challenges of modern life; losing a bank card, trying to access a mortgage in time to make a purchase.


In addition to the VR app the RBS team also wanted to use projected film and graphical content to augment the VR experience. For this we suggested the use of a dome projection system, synchronised with 50 Oculus Rift headsets, enabling the story to transition smoothly from real world, to VR and back to real world again.


The whole project was developed and delivered inside six weeks, from greenlight to show floor.


We like a challenge.


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